Driven by Quality

Our quality policies are shaped by our vision. We constantly endeavor to redefine our quality Management System benchmarks by stretching our limits and going beyond the ordinary. Our quality policy extends to the relationship we maintain with our employees and clients.

Driven By Quality

To consistently maintain high standards, we, at DBMSC-Steel Group, commit to:

Managing Quality System

  • Comply with all applicable standards, codes, regulatory requirements, internal policies and processes.
  • Continually maintain and improve documented information of our quality management system, guided by the results of periodic internal audits, management reviews and customer feedback.
  • Optimize resources and reduce wastage.

Satisfying Customers

Thoroughly understanding the requirements and aspirations of our customers, by adopting a more effective communication and feedback mechanism.

Working as a Team

Working together as a team with our colleagues, employees and employers by enabling a threat-free, collaborative and constructive communication approach at all times.

Engaging our Resources

  • Train our workforce and help them understand their individual responsibility in applying our quality policy in performing their respective tasks.
  • Continually improve individual performances by setting clear targets and monitoring their progress. Performance to be continually reviewed with line supervisor/manager.
  • Develop, equip and maintain our facilities with the appropriate machineries and equipment.

Ensuring Quality from Supply Chain

Ensure that the products and services provided by our external providers are meeting the international quality standards. Product reliability, cost effective and its on time delivery.

Every personnel in the company is responsible to ensure that the purpose of this policy is understood, executed and maintained in every task, activity, project and function.