A Safe Workplace

We go above and beyond what’s expected to ensure a workplace that’s healthy, safe and free of injury. We do this by offering intensive training, creating an environment that encourages safety reporting, and holding employees responsible to compliance policies and procedures. We are committed to creating, promoting and continually improving a workplace that is safe, healthy and injury-free.

Our workplace promise.

DBMSC is committed to conducting its business operations and activities in an environmentaly responsible manner, and in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees and interest parties by preventing injury, ill health, environmental pollution, etc. We are commited to comply to applicable environmental, occupational health and safety laws and regulations and laws of the land.

DBMSC Steel:

  • Developed and administers an environmental, occupational health and safety management system with its established policy, objectives and targets, manuals, procedures, processes, formats, work instructions as guided and integrated to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Standards.
  • Communicated relevant standard guidelines to our employees through training and awareness raising initiatives, e.g. classroom awareness, HSE meetings, toolbox talk, site tours/walk around, emergency preparedness and likewise encourage participation and consultation within the organization.
  • To minimize any adverse impact that our operations have in the environment, including, where possible, recycling reusable materials, investing in communication technology, sourcing sustainable materials and services where appropriate.
  • Committed to comply with health and safety and environment legal requirements and other requirements in line with the organizations rules and regulations.
  • Provided a framework for setting HSE objectives and targets at relevant functions, levels within the organizations and be made aware of their role, responsibility and authority.
  • Gathers and analyze data about our environmental impact, health and safety conditions,  and use these data  to measure set goals for continuously improving our performance.
  • Encourage our supply chain to have their own environment, occupational health and safety commitments towards best practices.
  • Communicates our policies and performance to interested parties

Our employees are our most valuable assets, and their safety and health are our first priority.  Safety is essential to all business functions and is never compromised under any circumstance. Every employee has the responsibility to maintain a safe work environment and adhere to the Health and Safety programs in order to eliminate the incidence and severity of job-related injuries and illnesses.