Long products include sections, merchant bars, wire rod, special quality bars, rebar, rails, sheet piles, special sections, billets, and blooms.

We are specialized in long steel in the region.

DBMSC is one of the major suppliers of specialty long steel in the region. We focus on long steel and special steel products including beams and piling, merchant bar quality, rebar, special bar quality and wire rod products.

We supply the widest range from small to jumbo beams in sections and a large spectrum of wire rod qualities covering the full range of applications.

  • Wide Flange Beams & Columns (UB, UC, HEA, HEB, IPE, W, JIS)
  • Channels (Taper & Parallel)
  • Angles (Equal, Unequal & Inverted)
  • Flat, Square & Round Bars
  • Bulb Flats
  • Sheet Piles
  • Reinforcement Bars and Wire Rods
  • G.I. & Self Colour Gratings
  • Mild Steel and Stainless

DBMSC has remained focused on providing expert consulting  on steel products that meet our client’s projects  needs and specifications.